What is Dynamics 365 Sales?

Microsoft’s premier cloud-based CRM, Dynamics 365 Sales is used by companies of all sizes to automate key business processes. It continuously records and maintains knowledge on sales opportunities, provides data analysis, and enables reactionary customer service. Also, it integrates seamlessly with Outlook and Office 365.

📌Track opportunities

Manage and track your sales process to increase revenue and decrease overhead.

📌 Web to lead

Automate and track digital lead acquisition, from your website to email.

📌 Activity tracking

Track and report on your sale’s teams activity across contacts, accounts, opportunities, and leads.

📌 Customizable

This enterprise-grade software can be customized to meet your specific sales and customer-tracking needs.

📌 Manage customers

Collect and manage information about your customers, from phone numbers and email addresses to birthdays and life events..

📌 Dashboards and reports

Create interactive dashboards that provide day to day insight on sales trends, activities, and social media interaction.

Shift to digital experiences: Meet buyers where they are and provide safe and friction-free buying with digital and remote experiences.
Boost seller productivity: Reduce seller burden with familiar and cohesive tools and streamlined, automated processes.

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Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation Packages

We have designed our packages based on our experience working with organizations of all sizes who are looking for a defined scope and cost.

Dynamics 365 Sales: 2-Hour Assessment

An evaluation of your business needs to determine how Dynamics 365 Sales can help you manage your sales and marketing activities and increase sales and streamline your operations.

Cost: Free

Dynamics 365 Sales: Basic 4 Weeks Implementation + 1 Week support

Perfect for organizations with a knowledgeable Marketing employee with experience implementing CRM systems in the past and only needs assistance to complete the initial setup and minimal guidance.

Cost: ~2500 USD

Dynamics 365 Sales: Essentials 8 Weeks Implementation + 1 Week Support

Perfect for organizations with a senior level Sales or Marketing employee who has implemented CRM solutions and only needs to complete the initial setup of Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Cost: ~5000 USD

Dynamics 365 Sales: 12 Weeks Implementation + 2 Week Support

Perfect for organizations who want to make use of not just the core features of Dynamics 365 Sales but also want additional analytical reports in Power BI, automation of business processes using power automate, etc.

Cost: ~7000 USD

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