Q. What are the new features introduced in CRM 2016

Q. Explain the differences between enhanced SLA vs Standard SLA

Q. Explain the functionality of each of the below marked services in Microsoft CRM 2016



Q. Explain the functionality of ‘Automatic Record Creation and Update Rules’

To access: CRM Main page>Settings>Business Management

Automatic Record Creation and Update Rules

Q. Explain the SLA management functionality in CRM 2015/2016 and explain the role of each marked component in it.

SLA management in CRM 2016

Q. Explain the new change in Sharepoint integration ‘Server-based SharePoint integration for Microsoft CRM’

Recommended link to read: https://community.dynamics.com/crm/b/crminogic/archive/2014/07/16/server-based-sharepoint-integration-for-microsoft-dynamics-crm


Hope this helps!

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