Ownership: Private
Headquarters: Gilbert, Arizona
Software Type: Hosted
Infusion Pricing: $199/month-Basic, $299/month-Pro, $499/month Deluxe

Small business marketing just grew up

Infusionsoft is Email Marketing 2.0 for entrepreneurs who want a better way to grow their business.

More Powerful Email Marketing

Expand the range of traditional email marketing, and combine it with a contact manager to tell you EVERYTHING about your customers and prospects. With that kind of insight, you can easily deliver perfectly tailored messages at each step of the buying process.

Fully Integrated CRM

Store all your leads, prospects, and customers in a single, centralized database. Track every time someone opens an email, clicks a link, or takes any other action. Use that intel to create a targeted list for your next campaign so you’re better prepared to close the deal.

Smart Automation That Works For You

Let Infusionsoft follow up for you. Create unlimited follow-up sequences for each point of the sales process. As people move from lead to prospect to customer, Infusionsoft will automatically start and stop the appropriate follow-up sequences. It’s like having sales reps that work around the clock.

More Than Just Email

Dramatically boost response to your email campaigns by enhancing them with letters, postcards, faxes, and voice messages. Launch targeted multi-media campaigns, or use multi-media in your automated follow-up sequences.

A word about Infusionsoft

We’re revolutionizing the way small businesses grow.

At Infusionsoft, we’re all about liberating and empowering entrepreneurs so they can enjoy doing business, wow their customers and better serve their families and communities.We love entrepreneurs and small businesses. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, and we think it’s a travashamockery that small business owners don’t have better tools to build and grow their businesses. We spent the early years of our business beating our heads against the same proverbial wall as every other entrepeneur. Then one day, we decided we’d had enough.

That’s why we built the coolest email marketing program ever.

See, we’re techie geeks (except Clate, which is a whole separate story) and we love building software that makes stuff easier. After working and consulting with a bunch of small businesses, we realized that each business (ours included) was really facing the same two problems: 1) No centralized customer and prospect database, 2) Not enough resources to consistently and effectively stay in touch with each lead, prospect, and customer in their business.

That’s why we built the first ever Email Marketing 2.0 solution for small businesses. Email Marketing 2.0 is all the great things about traditional email marketing PLUS an integrated contact manager, powerful automation, and the ability to send additional types of messages (such as letters, postcards, faxes and voice messages).

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