Dynamics 365 Connector in Power Automate Flow (Deprecated)

Effective May 5, 2020 the Dynamics 365 connector used for Power Automate (MS Flow), Logic Apps and Canvas Apps is officially deprecated. Its recommended that we do not create new connections using this connector.

Common Data Service (Current Environment) connector should be the first choice instead of ‘Dynamics 365 Connector’. You may not be able to use the Common Data Service (Current Environment) connector in every situation today because of the following limitations:

  • It is not available in Logic Apps.
  • It does not enable cross-tenant or cross environment connections.
  • It cannot be used for canvas apps that use the Power Apps for Windows client.

Common Data Service (Current Environment) & Common Data Service

As you can see, there are two CDS connectors:

  • Common Data Service Connector (Current Environment) – Will be available only when the flow is created inside a solution and is bound to the environment where the solution is created.

This has many advantages over the below one and one key benefit is that we can initiate Dynamics 365 Actions using this connector

  • Common Data Service Connector – Available either when a flow is created within a solution or outside solution

Here is the comparison chart:

Common Data Service
(Current Environment)
Common Data Service Connector
Only available from SolutionsEither from Solution or outside solution
Assign Lookup reference dynamically by setting
Assign Lookup reference dynamically by setting
Trigger on several eventsTrigger on one event
On-demand trigger
Solution awareChoose Environment
List Records with FetchXML
Can list records in N:N relationship
Can run child flows
Can execute (process) actions
Can execute change sets
Image and file actions 

For more details and further updates, please refer to: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform/important-changes-coming#dynamics-365-connector-is-deprecated


Hope this helps!