How to initiate flow in one Dynamic 365 instance from another Dynamics 365 instance?

1. How to initiate flow in one Dynamic 365 instance from another Dynamics 365 instance? 2. How to initiate Power Automate flow using Http request? 3. How to remove user's roles in an instance (and trigerred from another instance)? 4. How to get records using FetchXML in Power Automate Flow? 5. How to disassociate (or associate) relationship records in Power Automate Flow?

Inline images in Email Signature and Email templates in Dynamics 365

It was a long awaited feature to add inline images in the email templates and Email Signature in Dynamics 365 (files available in the local folder) and its available now. We would be able to create beautiful email templates with inline images and additional editor options.

Microsoft Lists + Teams + Power Automate+Dynamics 365 : How would it be beneficial for SMBs?

Microsoft Lists is an evolved version of SharePoint List which offers improved features and also a stand alone mobile app. Looking at this, we believe this is going to add huge benefits for organizations to organize and manage their processes within Microsoft List from Microsoft Teams or from it's own mobile app for Mobile users.…

Dynamic 365 Connector in Power Automate is deprecated! Use Common Data Source (Current) connector instead

Dynamics 365 Connector in Power Automate Flow (Deprecated) Effective May 5, 2020 the Dynamics 365 connector used for Power Automate (MS Flow), Logic Apps and Canvas Apps is officially deprecated. Its recommended that we do not create new connections using this connector. Common Data Service (Current Environment) connector should be the first choice instead of ‘Dynamics 365 Connector’. You…

How to monitor application performance in Dynamics 365 Online

If you use On-premise version of Dynamics 365, monitoring performance of the local server is quite easy as the internal IT team has complete access to the application and DB servers. When it comes to Dynamics 365 online, users will not have option to login to the server and monitor the performance.   However, Microsoft…