Dynamics 365 App can be accessed within Microsoft Teams for enabling better collaboration among the business users. Considering the recent changes in the way businesses work, this feature would really help a lot!

How should we enable this?

1. First we need to enable the integration between Dynamics 365 and Teams within Dynamics 365 instance

Settings>Administration>System Settings>

For a single instance topology, Basic Teams integration should be sufficient.

To know more about Basic vs Enhanced Teams integration, please refer to: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/teams-integration/teams-basic-vs-enhanced-collaboration

To know how to enable Teams integration, please refer to:


2. Click OK and it will enable the integration

3. Now access MS Teams and click on Apps and search for Dynamics 365.

4. ‘Dynamics 365’ App will be listed. Click on ‘Dynamics 365’ app and select ‘Add’.

5. This will add ‘Dynamics 365 app’ as a new button on Teams app.

6. We can now click on the ‘Settings’ to configure the Environment and the App [UCI only supported] to be loaded in this Tab

7. Once the changes are saved, we can now access the Dynamics 365 App within Teams!

And also,  just right click on the button and click on ‘Pin’ to pin this app in the tab.

This would of course enable better collaboration as the business users rely on Teams to communicate more in the current situation.

Hope this helps!