Ownership: Private
Founded: 1992
Headquarters: Birmingham, UK
Software Type: On-premise
Pricing: Varies

Achiever Software CRM Review / Key Strengths

Achiever Software exclusively designs, develops and implements highly customizable Corporate Information Management and CRM solutions. The company’s award winning, process driven technology is used by hundreds of organizations across many different sectors, each with their own unique business requirements.

Achiever has extensive experience working with customers from a continuum of industry sectors with often complex and diverse business process and data requirements.

Achiever Anyware provides customers with the tools and flexibility that enables them to create a solution closely molded to their needs including:

  • Extended functionality that provides previously autonomous departments with access to business critical information
  • Complete control over the structure of the database
  • Ownership of the system to configure new and existing screens without any code
  • A long-term solution that will continue to adapt as business needs evolve
  • Workflow that maps to business processes across system areas
  • Online accessible solution for customers, partners, suppliers and members
  • Robust security including data encryption to protect critical and sensitive business information
  • Customizable integration options for existing applications

Achiever Software CRM Features

Achiever provides tailored solutions individually created to suit the data and business requirements of diverse market sectors. Their solutions include:

The Cameleon Commerce Suite is composed of the following software elements:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Public Sector Shared Services and Contact Centres
  • Training Management – Course Bookings and Events
  • Call Centres and Helplines
  • Education – Student and Employer Management
  • Project and Contract Management

About Achiever Software

Founded in 1992, UK-based Achiever Software has always been a pioneer in the field of relationship management solutions. The Achiever CRM and eBusiness solution, provides key benefits that include increased revenue through effective sales and marketing; improved cross selling and up selling to existing customers; higher customer retention and customer loyalty through better customer knowledge and understanding.

Achiever Software’s award winning Achiever solution is known for its flexibility, reliability and quick deployment, resulting in higher returns on investment, low total cost of ownership and high customer satisfaction. Achiever has been designed to be customized to suit all business environments, having seamless integration to all business applications to provide a ‘single point of entry’.

Achiever Software offers a comprehensive CRM and eBusiness solution that is supported through custom development; dedicated project management; technical support / helpdesk; on/offsite training; full product documentation; implementation services; consultancy; integration with ERP/Accounting systems; post implementation account management; bespoke report writing and data importing.

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