Ownership: Private
Founded: 1994
Headquarters: Vancouver, BC
Software Type: On-Premise
Pricing: Priced by Site/Server


LookOut Software Review / Key Strengths

Lookout specializes in:

  • Private labeling of CRM Software.
  • Integrating CRM components to existing business software.
  • Tailoring CRM software that goes beyond the limitations of traditional packaged CRM software.

Lookout Software is:

  • An ideal solution for a distributed organization, and small and medium-sized companies.
  • Affordable, scalable, extensible, personalizable and genuinely easy to use.
  • Purchased outright by a company and is NOT priced by user but rather by Site or by Server, giving one the ability to add an entire company as users and without having to worry about additional user licenses.
  • Designed to ensure one maintains maximum control over the company’s intellectual property.


LookOut Software Features/Products

  • Simple Contact Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Information Management
  • Stakeholder Management


About LookOut Software

Back in early 1997, the two founders created Client Connect Plus as a reseller of contact management software. This organization was built around providing all sorts of businesses with Maximizer consulting, training, technical support and integration services. In that capacity, CCPLUS worked with hundreds of businesses in Canada and the USA helping them reach their contact management goals using Maximizer and MaxExchange.

However, it became clear that the Maximizer solution had its limitations, so a new group was created as MaXintegration Technologies. The focus of MaXintegration was twofold: (1) provide integration services between Maximizer and other data structures and (2) source, market and support other contact management initiatives from multiple developers and vendors.

MaXintegration launched into an evolutionary first step for this group’s foray into software development and became the proving ground for alternative approaches to the more general concept of early “CRM”.

The global search for a software product that provided the best of Windows and the WEB; Reporting and Automation; Scalability and Simplicity took them to Europe, Australia, South Africa and across North America but clearly, no one vendor had the ultimate CRM solution that satisfied the MaXintegration founders, their consultants, technicians or trainers.

The only systems to match their expectations were far beyond the average small/medium size company in terms of complexity and price. At the same time, the power of the Internet was becoming much more the accepted norm and a viable source to provide a business framework. Seeing a need, the MaXintegration group determined to develop their own software offering.

By 2003, the concept and design of LookOut as a Web based application (and later a Windows application and Overlay to the WEB) was born. LookOut was so named because it was felt that CRM software should alert users to “look out” for certain issues and circumstances so that they could act upon that information.

At first there was a strong bias to the sales and marketing arena but the evolutionary process pulled LookOut in other directions such as customized operations management systems, specialized sales process systems and significant accounting and business software integration to name a few.

Today LookOut Software remains the developer of the LookOut family of products which includes customized solutions; Full-featured Browser based CRM; and a variety of Industry vertical offerings.

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