Ownership: Private
Founded: 1994
Headquarters: London, UK and Norwell, MA
Software Type: SaaS
Pricing: N/A


Satuit Review / Key Strengths

  • Satuit Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in providing vertical market, “out-of-the-box” solutions for sales force automation (SFA) and client relationship management (CRM) software for the financial services and energy industries.
  • SatuitCRM was built with the complexities of the investment management business in mind. The software streamlines the management of intermediaries and influencers and tracks all details of the sales cycle from the initial call through to the take on of assets.
  • Satuit continued to keep its focus on the investment industry with the launch of a specialized CRM software package in 1997. That package has evolved into SatuitCRM which is deployed at over 70 asset management companies around the globe. SatuitCRM has investment professional users in every major financial center.


Satuit Software Features/Products

SatuitCRM is a relationship management system perfect for companies looking for more efficiency, better management and stronger analytics from their marketing, sales and client service processes. SatuitCRM is best suited for teams dealing with tightly targeted marketing with a known universe of prospects, long and information intensive sales cycles, and high touch client service efforts typically found when dealing business-to-business.

The company’s goal is simple: to provide a best of breed, industry-specific, CRM solution that is ready to install, at a reasonable cost, but with sufficient flexibility to meet the specific needs of each client. This approach saves money, shortens the implementation cycle and greatly increases the likelihood of success for one’s CRM project. More importantly, it allows teams to benefit from the experience and input of thousands of other successful professionals in their industry.

SatuitCRM provides powerful capabilities for managing, tracking and measuring targeted marketing campaigns via the e-Distribution module. SatuitCRM e-Distribution provides full-scale marketing campaign management and sophisticated analytical tools. SatuitCRM e-Distribution is part of the integrated Satuit Technologies customer relationship management suite, which also includes Sales and Client Service automation solutions.

SatuitCRM provides the perfect sales tool for companies dealing with long and information intensive sales cycles typically found in complex business-to-business relationships. SatuitCRM helps increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales force by enabling users to track sales opportunities through each stage of the sales pipeline.

Client Service:
Managing the complex communications and service requirements of high touch relationship can be time consuming, difficult and costly. SatuitCRM provides client service teams with the tools they need to service clients more consistently and efficiently, saving time and money.

About Satuit Software

Satuit Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in On-Demand and On-Premise vertical market sales force automation (SFA) and client relationship management (CRM) solutions that are easy to implement and provide clients with the precise tools they need to increase sales, better serve their clients, master information-intensive business relationships, and cut costs.

Satuit has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, and serves clients in more than a dozen countries as well as every major financial center. We company has a strong focus and long track record of success in the investment and energy industries. Satuit Technologies was founded in 1994 and is a privately held corporation.

Satuit’s web native technologies offers clients a unique business proposition, through its One Product, Two Solutions deployment paradigm. With One Product, Two Solutions customers get all of the advantages of the On-Demand, or hosted application model, without the disadvantages traditionally inherent to On-Demand solutions.

Satuit stands out as the leader in rapid implementation and long-term client retention by providing outstanding software coupled with excellent implementation and post sales support.

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