Ownership: Private
Founded: 2000
Headquarters: Findlay, OH
Software Type: On-Premise

Tour de Force Review / Key Strengths

  • Tour de Force is Account-centric, not Contact-centric.
  • Robust & Flexible
  • Completely customizable
  • True Enterprise Collaboration
  • Easy conversion from other CRM products

Tour de Force CRM Features

  • Account Management
  • Administrative Interface
  • Anytime-Anywhere Access
  • Business System Integration
  • Collaborative Support Management
  • Collaborative Task Management
  • Contact Management
  • Template Management
  • E-Mail Logging
  • Expense Management
  • General Features
  • Manager’s Console
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Outlook Integration
  • Project Management
  • Reporting-Exporting
  • Sales Activity Management
  • System Architecture


About Tour de Force CRM Software

The MRH Technology Group was incorporated with its sole focus being the continued development, sales, implementation and training associated with the Tour de Force™ CRM/SFA product which it purchased from FESTech Software Solutions. Since the inception of The MRH Technology Group, the company has installed the Tour de Force product on an international basis in companies ranging in size from five user privately-owned businesses, to international companies with hundreds of users such as Johnson and Johnson, Inc.

Tour de Force is currently being used in a wide range of industries such as distribution, manufacturing, construction, financial services and pharmaceutical.

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