1)What are the steps for creating a MVG?
Create a MVL in the parent BC. Add MVFs in the parent BC. Create a MVG applet to display child records. Add controls/list columns to the parent applet to display MVFs and invoke MVG applets. Add primary FK in the parent BC and on the MVL.
2) What is a primary key?
A primary is a FK on the parent-side that points to one “primary” record on the child-side of a 1:M link. A primary FK creates a 1:1 link between the parent and the child.
3.) How do you create a primary on a MVL?
Add a primary key field on the parent BC. Set the Primary Id Field and Use Primary Join properties on the MVL.
4.)List some of the calculated field limitations.
Cannot be used as sort criteria, stored in columns and read only. Validation criteria on calculated fields is ignored. If SQL is used and performs a calculation, the value will be applied after the data is in the BC, but before displaying in the applet.
5.)Describe the types of Siebel database extensions.
Standard extension tables – Predefined tables which support 1:1 or M:1 relationship. Partof the existing physical database.Custom extension tables and custom extension columns – New 1:1 tables, New columns that are added to new and existing tables.

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