Comprehensive Collection of Interview Questions on Siebel Configurations,Workflow,Siebel Tools

1) What are the steps for using a standard 1:1 extension table?
Add a joined field in the parent BC (based on the “main” table). The join is implied and created automatically at runtime. Add a control or list column to an applet.
2.) What are the steps for using a standard 1:M extension table?
Create BC to represent 1:M extension table
Set Search Spec to equal Pre Default Value “TYPE” field
Add fields to the new BC (ensure “NAME” and “TYPE”)
Create a link from BC to New BC and add the New BC to BO
Create applet to display data from new BC
3)What is data-driven access control?
Controls the read-only nature of BC, BC record, or BC Field based on value of another BCField
BC Read Only Field: current record read only
Field Read Only Field: field specified by field name is read only
Parent Read Only Field: BC read only
4)Name the 5 main building blocks of the Siebel Architecture
File Server,
Gateway Server,
Enterprise Server,
Siebel Server,
Siebel Database Server.
5) Name the four levels of control we have over the Server
6.)Explain the 5 main functions of the Server Manger
Controls your Enterprise,
Manages Siebel Servers,
Allows the configuration of the components,
Allow you to run tasks,
Collect statistics.
7)Name and explain the three modes of Component operation.
Server Mode: run background operations for the server and runs forever, once started,
Task Mode: run specific task and exits upon completion,
Session Mode: created dynamically for client request. Runs as long as session is maintained then exits.

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