1. In clarify CRM billing manager the relation between financial account and the billing arrangement is
A) One to OneB) One to manyC) Many to oneD) Many to Many

2. What are the two types of binding defined in clarify
A) Control Level BindingB) Page level bindingC) Data level bindingD) Html binding

3. The data dictionary describes structure of database in terms of (Multiple choice)
A) object, fieldsB) relations, viewsC) joins, indexesD) CDO’***planation: this is because CDO’s are related to the Binding Framework and not to the data dictionary.

4. The use of the iSupport application in the ClarifyCRM is (Multiple choice)
A) Enable agents to work on the support and part request objectsB) Manage accounts, leadsC) To work on creation, assignment, dispatch and acceptance of the work cases.D) Manage Fi

5. Map Table provides mapping between following baseline Java Classes and their customized counterparts.
A) Worker Bean, Save Bean customizationsB) Controller ServletC) Load Bean customizationsD) CBO customization***planation: Controller Servlet can’t be customized.

6. how to add business partner in sap crm

7. What is the type ID for ‘case’ object?
1) 0 2) 7753) 444) 4115) 52The answer is only one among the above choices.

8. In CRM, Who is a customer?What is meant by relationship?What does the term management mean?

9. Robbie runs a small supermarket with four available checkout counters. The supermarket is busiest b
Robbie runs a small supermarket with four available checkout counters. The supermarket is busiest between 6pm and 7pm each weekday night. One evening, an angry customer stomed out of the supermarket complaining Loudly about the long queue dropping her basket of froddos on the floor as she left. Robbie would like to know if he needs to build a few more checkout counters. you are required to run simulation on the queue length at Robbie’s supermarket and adivse him on the optimum number of ch

12. Which of the following is true about the auto destination servlets in ClarifyCRM
A) Specify the rule_type parameter within the web.xml fileB) Uses the auto destination rules stored in the table_ruleC) Can be configured to use two different types of rules t
Latest Answer: C…..Last Updated By Aparna on July 19, 2007

13. Controller servlet can be customized.
A) TrueB) False

15. The use of the Sales application in the ClarifyCRM is (Multiple choice)

A) Enable agents to work on the sales objectsB) Manage accounts, leadsC) Manage opportunitiesD) Manage Field services

16. what are the components of crm foundation, and functionality of each component

17. what is the difference between start , update and transfer routine and explain it’s need

18. How to design test cases for Clarify CRM.

19. what is clarify CRM?

20. what are the problems in supporting the client implementing sap crm

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