Here are the new tools in Salesforce:

Navajo Systems: as a Virtual Private SaaS

Navajo Systems launched its “virtual private SaaS” for this week. No, it’s not an on-premise instance of Instead, it encrypts all the sensitive data you put into so that even if someone accesses your account, they won’t be able to actually access any of your data. The company also offers similar services for Google Apps, Oracle’s CRM On Demand, and other services.

Zuora Updates Its Cloud Billing Product for

Web-based billing company Zuora released the new version of its application today: Z-Force 4.0. Here’s what’s new, according to the company’s announcement:

  • Pricing and packaging for subscription and usage-based products and services
  • Quotes and orders that have multiple products and recurring variables
  • Subscription changes such as upgrades, downgrades, and add-on subscriptions (e.g. add 10 seats to an existing subscription)
  • Manage renewals, the lifeblood of subscription businesses
  • A single source of subscription business metrics like monthly recurring revenue

Chatter RSS

Chatter RSS is a new feature just graduated out of labs that allows Chatter users to subscribe to any RSS or Atom feed within Chatter. Essentially, it lets users use Chatter as a feed reader.


SurveyForce does just what you might think it does: enables you to creates surveys, send out them out by e-mail, and track the results within your dashboard. This will compete with several existing survey products already available in AppExchange, but oddly SurveyMonkey has never created an AppExchange app.


The last of the new Labs applications is Milestones, a simple project management tool. It’s not clear that this will offer enough sophistication to make it worthwhile, but it could come in handy for collaboration.

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