How to create a custom button in CRM 2011?

Here is a beautiful post on msdn on how to create custom button in CRM 2011.

This walk through shows you how to create the following new custom Send to Other System button to the Collaborate group for the Account entity ribbons:

Account entity form ribbon
Account entity grid ribbon

Before you begin, you must have a clear set of requirements. This button:

  1. Will appear only for the Account entity.
  2. Will appear to the right of the Assign button on the account form ribbon Collaborate group.
  3. Will appear to the right of the Assign button on the account grid Collaborate group.
  4. Will appear only in the Web client.
  5. In the account form, this button will only be displayed if the record has been saved.
  6. In the account grid, this button will only be enabled when a single account record is selected.
  7. Will have the label Send to Other System.
  8. Will have a tooltip that displays the label text and the description Sends this Record to another system.
  9. When clicked, the button will display a JScript alert message saying “This record has been sent to another system.”This message will be displayed using the send function defined in a script Web resource named ‘sample_ SendToOtherSystem.js’.
  10. This button will reference Web resource images to represent the icons.The icons will use two Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Web resource images:

To know how to get this done, check the msdn page here:


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