Its much important to get the customer feedback after important interactions with customers and especially when a case is resolved. This post gives you an idea about how a case feedback can be created in dynamics 365 and how can it be automated to send on closure of case.



  • Dynamics 365 CE Online
  • VOC app installed

Components To Implement:

  1. A Survey created in voice of customer app
  2. A workflow which would be triggered on closure of case
  3. An email template which has the Survey link [snippet copied from survey form]

1. Survey in VOC

a. Access CRM application and navigate to Voice of the Customer > Surveys

b. Create a new survey with the basic details populated. Most of the attributes are self-explanatory. Once filled, save the form.


c. Select ‘Designer’ option from the page selector [ which appears to be the form selector on CRM pages]. Designer page allows the designing of the survey form, previewing the survey form etc.


d. Add the required feedback attribute [ eg: CSAT score] and save the page.

e. Once saved, access the Survey page. If the survey responses are required to be in a separate entity [ for better reporting] an option setting is there to enable the Feedback entity generation. If not required, skip and proceed to step g.

f. Fill the details in the Feedback section – to generate a feedback entity.

g. Publish the survey. Now survey is ready to distribute.

h. Under the Invitations & Actions section, Email snippet (survey link) is generated. To copy the survey link, click on the button ‘M COPY SNIPPET’ and paste it to notepad for later use.


Email Template

  1. Create a new email template in CRM and paste the survey link to the email template.


Create a workflow to send out the email to the customer on closure of case. Email to be created from the template created.




  • When a case is closed, it sends the email to the customer with the survey link


  • Survey page

  • Submitted the survey and that generated a survey response in CRM


  • Survey Response Dashboard

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