Omnichannel for Customer Service is a paid add-on to Dynamics 365 Customer Service apps that use the Unified Interface. It is available only when you purchase a subscription of Chat for Dynamics 365.

A quick look at the Omni channel hub features – as on Sep 2019:

  • Live chat feature is really stable and easy to configure
  • Intra day monitoring – enables the live monitoring of chat conversations in progress and availability of agent
  • Quality monitoring – Supervisors would be able to monitor the quality of chat conversations
  • Chat Consult/Transfer features work well
  • Multi session options within the browser gives better user experience
  • Chat quick response has the intellisense search

What’s lacking currently:

  • File transfer within the chat – expects this to be available end of Q4 2019.
  • Limited notification options Sound notification for incoming chat requests
  • Limited data types in pre-chat survey questions – Checkbox is not supported in the current version
  • Language specific quick responses  are not available
  • Option to copy the knowledge article content to the chat message is not available
  • Showing the chat widget’s online presence based on the agent’s availability

Even though the pricing is on the higher side consodering the other platforms offering the chat solution as an add-on, investing in Microsoft’s own solution could be more advantageous considering:

  • Microsoft is investing more to bring more features in to Omni channel hub
  • Seamless upgrade makes it easier to get access to new features as they release
  • OOB AI and strong analytical capabilities would lessen the additional investments on those areas.