Many clients I have worked with have complained the awkward auto number format which Dynamics 365 CE offers – particularly the Case number which has the alpha numeric characters at the end which is not at all customer friendly.

To overcome this, we often had to write custom auto number plugin which will then introduce the complexity of handling the concurrent operations – to avoid duplicate auto number assigned to records.

We have good news! In the new Dynamics 365 CE (online) build, Microsoft offers custom format auto number as an OOB option and its highly configurable in terms of the auto number format – we can now have Datetime format in the auto number.

How to create an auto number field with customer format:

  1. This option is currently available only in the PowerApps solution editor UI. To access it, click on the ‘Try New Experience’ button in the Solution form.


2.In the Power Apps editor, choose the solution which has the entity added ( in which the auto number field has to be configured).

3. Select the entity and click on ‘New Field’


4. Choose the field type as ‘Autonumber’

5. Configure the Auto Number format and save the configuration


Test Result:

A record is created and the auto number is generated as per the format configured:

What it used take couple of days would now just take couple of minutes!

Hope this helps!