Playbook template allows managers to define set of activities [ limited to Tasks, Phone Calls and Appointment currently] which should be initiated on a specific event [manually as well as automatically].

In the previous post (, we talked about how to set up the Playbook functionality and launch the playbook manually.

Playbook can also be launched automatically based on event(s). Let’s see how can we enable such an automated launch of playbook. Since, in the previous post, we talked about setting up a playbook for Lead, we will be setting up the auto launch of playbook on lead creation – you would be able to trigger for other entities as well.

Steps to follow:

  1. Create a new workflow or Power Automate Flow which gets triggered on Lead Creation.

2. Add step ‘Create record and select ‘Playbook’ as the entity

3. Click on the entity properties to choose the Playbook template and other details and save. Publish the workflow

Set the Playbook template, Regarding, Name format etc

4. Now when we create a new lead, Playbook will be launched automatically and activities would be initiated

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Hope this helps!

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