Microsoft is launching all new Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app and is in public preview (as on 10th Jan 2021) for testing out.

Key Features:

  • The mobile app is optimized for the field seller’s most common on-the-go tasks. This means information in Dynamics 365 Sales is always current and field sellers can get things done in the moment, so nothing falls between the cracks.
  • Improved search experience: Search suggestions, search as you type, and a helpful search result grouping.
  • Responsive lists: Reducing clutter and optimizing lists for drill-down and bulk actions.
  • Mobile-optimized forms with scrollable tabs.
  • Enhanced navigation with gesture support on iOS and Android.

How to enable the preview in your instance (recommend to test it out in a sandbox environment):

Changes in Dynamics instance:

Go to Advanced Settings>Administration>System Settings> Mobile Client tab > ‘Enable the Sales mobile app (preview)

Changes in user device (Androide / iOs)

Follow the link based on the mobile device OS

Android: Install the Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app on Android | Microsoft Docs

iOS: Install the Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app on iOS | Microsoft Docs

Our Findings:

  • 👍🏼 UI is simpler, fast and easier to use comparing the Dynamics 365 Mobile app
  • Quick create options are available only for Notes and Contacts. Not sure why limited to these alone? Or any other settings change required, not sure.
  • For accessing entities enabled for ‘Quick Create’, we need to click on any of the entity list view (few clicks required)
  • By default ‘Add Note’ and ‘Add Contact’ options are available as quick navigation and for businesses where sales process starts with Lead and not contact, adding contact might not be a good option
  • Adding a new note: If we need to add a note against a custom activity using the ‘Quick navigation’, setting the regarding object option is not available (or may be we couldn’t find)

Verdict: From our perspective, overall it’s a very good start and still it needs some tweaks in terms of navigation options for a ‘sales agent’ to enjoy working with the app.

PS: In case if you are not able to see the model driven apps in your sandbox in the app, please check the option ‘ Show non-production app’.