Ownership: Private
Founded: 2004
Headquarters: Portland, OR
Software Type: SaaS (hosted)
Pricing: N/A

BNTouch CRM Review / Key Strengths

  • BNTouch, Inc supplies industry-specific client relationship management systems, focusing on web-based applications for the mortgage industry.
  • BNTouch Marketing Management System is a single system that will effectively manage all the marketing and sales activities of companies in the mortgage industry
  • With BNTouch users can create marketing campaigns around their marketing plan, execute those campaigns through the system, manage incoming leads and sales processes, and have access to company wide reporting to estimate ROI on each marketing channels.
  • BNTouch is a simple to use yet very effective solution that lowers marketing budget while bringing more leads in.
  • BNTouch combines features and tools that are important for small to medium size business.

BNTouch Features/Products

BNTouch Mortgage CRM provides several industry based solutions. BNTouch, Inc’s flagship product, BNTouch Mortgage CRM is a feature-rich tool that provides a single, collaborative system for managing loan originators sales, marketing and office automation activities.

The BNTouch Mortgage Marketing Manager is a marketing and sales management solution for mortgage offices that are looking for a single system that will manage all of their marketing, reporting, and sales activities. With BNTouch companies can plan marketing campaigns around the marketing plan, execute those campaigns through the system, manage incoming leads and sales processes, and have access to company wide reporting to estimate ROI on all on marketing channels.

BNTouch is more than a simple lead management tool or CRM- it’s a unified solution that manages every aspect of mortgage sales and marketing efforts including the following:

  • Partner Marketing
  • Lifecycle Marketing
  • ROI Analysis
  • Centralized Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Prospect Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Website Marketing
  • Lead Marketing
  • Referral Management

About BNTouch

BNTouch, Inc was founded in August 2004. At the time BNTouch had a single product – BNTouch Mortgage CRM, a mortgage specific hosted CRM solution for individual users and small mortgage offices. The Company markets to small, medium and large mortgage origination firms (loan officers, brokers, net branches, retail division of major banks) and has successfully adopted a subscription based model for its software services. Since the launch the Company has worked closely with close to 1000 mortgage companies ranging between 1 to 250 employees.

About the Author Dynatecon Solutions

DYNATECON is a group of dynamic professionals who are passionate about building affordable IT solutions using Dynamics 365 and Power platform. We focus on enabling digital transformation in Small scale as well as Medium scale industries. Whether you have 1 user or 100 users and planning to implement a new CRM system, please contact us at info@dynatecon.com. We can guide you for sure!

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