Ownership: Private
Founded: 1988
Headquarters: Exton, PA
Software Type: Hosted
Pricing: Free 3-month trial


Contact Administrator CRM Review / Key Strengths

  • Contact Administrator’s web-hosted system can collect information from contact and qualifying forms on a website and, immediately, place them into the Sales and CRM pipeline.
  • Contact Administrator is a web based system that is rich in features, more affordable than its competition, customizable, easy to startup, easy to use, and provides a better way to obtain, retain, and increase sales with targeted customers.
  • Contact Administrator provides users with access to information that is pertinent to their status.


Contact Administrator Features/Products

Contact Administrator is a results focused web-based system that has been carefully designed to cost-effectively maximize sales revenues and monitor customer service interactions. All of the following capabilities are available in one customizable and integrated online system:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Tracking Management
  • Contact Management
  • Document Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Instant Report Management


Lead and Opportunity Management

  • Track more than just contact information – Easy to use Forms Wizard lets one completely customize any number of forms.
  • Easily capture leads directly from a Web site into Contact Administrator. Contact Administrator will generate the HTML, and automatically process new leads instantly.
  • Set referral rules and Contact Administrator will automatically route new opportunities to the appropriate sales representatives, based on statistical analysis of previous sales without any human intervention.
  • Easily import opportunities from existing software, databases, or from offline sources into Contact Administrator.

Lead Tracking

  • Leads and opportunities are automatically sorted based on their current status, from lead to sale.
  • Automatic time stamping reminds sales and marketing when each note was entered, each proposal sent, and each action scheduled
  • Automatic reminder e-mails keep the sales force on task. Contact Administrator will e-mail representatives when they have a new opportunity or when they forget to follow up on a lead or miss scheduled tasks.
  • Receive immediate updates when a client adds a new opportunity or updates the status of an opportunity.
  • Get a global overview of opportunities with powerful reports. Contact Administrator integrates with Microsoft Excel to provide an overview of the data with a series of comprehensive reports. .

Contact Managementt

  • Keep complete information needed on every prospect, customer, user including name, company, title, phone numbers, e-mail address and other personal notes.
  • Important contact information is displayed with each opportunity so there is no need to switch pages to find a contact’s details while discussing an opportunity.
  • Find contacts fast – Enter just a few letters and Contact Administrator can search names and company names to find contacts.
  • Easily import and export contact management information to synchronize with databases, Outlook, PocketPC/Palm, or for archival.
  • Built-in international address support for exceptional flexibility with minimal customization.

Schedule Management

  • Stay on top of one’s schedule with the My Contact Administrator Homepage automatically displaying the day’s schedule.
  • Monthly calendar views show what days actions have been scheduled for, both in the future and historically.
  • Collaborative, joint scheduling automatically shows sales representatives actions scheduled by other people in their organization working on the same opportunities.
  • Automatic reminder emails let marketing and sales know when they have actions scheduled or when they’ve missed a scheduled action.


About Contact Administrator

Contact Administrator is a proprietary product of Access 2Vendors (A2V), LLC.

With extensive experience in sales, marketing, and the direct response industries, the management team of A2V began developing sales fore automation systems and customer relationship management systems for “Fortune” type clients in 1988.

The early versions of Contact Administrator began with a sales force automation (SFA) approach to “systematize the selling process” and integrating the best skills used by successful companies to open, close, and service prospects and customers. It was only a matter of time until the system was expanded to include features that could be used by every executive and manager, and then every employee, who “touched” a prospect or client – thus the development of the customer relationship management version (CRM) of Contact Administrator.

Contact Administrator was designed to match the company’s approach to doing business – to be professional, responsive, cost-effective, and innovative. This approach resulted in the development of the “Success Metrics Engine” (SME), the powerful patent-pending heart of the Contact Administrator Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship Managment system.

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