Ownership: Public
Founded: 1984
Headquarters: Delft, The Netherlands
Software Type: On-Premise

Exact Review / Key Strengths

  • Complete teamwork and rapid communication between you, your customers, business partners, suppliers and vendors through integrated portals.
  • Secure logins that provide immediate access to all customer activity from anywhere, at anytime, worldwide.
  • Recognition of customer problems or issues before they happen.
  • Centralized, detailed view of each customer, including workflow, financial transactions and support issues.
  • Ability of customers and partners to actively and privately manage their own accounts.

Exact Features

  • Customer-specific Reports and Statistics
  • Financial Management
  • Document Management
  • Integrated Portal Technology


About Exact Software

The more you know about your customer, the higher the quality of your customer service, account management, and sales efforts. Exact e-Synergy puts all the relevant information about your customers at your fingertips. It’s available anytime, from anywhere with secure access through a Web browser. All the information your organization has gathered about a customer is available from the customer account card, including your account manager’s visit reports, helpdesk contacts, order history, accounts receivable, and more. e-Synergy also helps you manage all of the information you need about future customers during your marketing and sales efforts. All of your marketing activities can be controlled in the same system including list management, budget tracking, project deliverables, and results. A real-time overview of the suspects, leads, sales, and revenue forecasts is simple and easy to create.

  • Access all customer contacts, correspondence, transactions, and activities in a single central database, securely from anywhere via the Internet or intranet.
  • Search for individual customer records or segment target customer groups using as many as 50 variables, including industry, company size, location, project, and custom defined fields.
  • Provide an online portal for your customers to log in and check status reports, billing details, work in process, and submit requests.
  • Manage marketing activities effectively with advanced project, scheduling, budget, reporting, and workflow functions.
  • Use the mail merge function to generate automatic communications to customers and prospects.
  • Use integrated functions for complaint management and customer satisfaction surveys linked to your CRM information.
  • Generate automatic follow-up activities and reminders using the Exact Event Manager.

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