Ownership: Private
Founded: 1998
Headquarters: Marlton, NJ
Territory covered: National clients, highest concentration is in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York City Metro, Delaware, Maryland, DC Metro
Software Type: Hosted and On-Premise

Majestic Review / Key Strengths

  • Timely Response (Service and Support)
  • Complete Documentation (including a Project Book for all new projects)
  • Detailed billing
  • Project Management (Reporting for all new projects and a manager for all project and Ad Hoc work)
  • Product expertise
  • Offer you software options (add-on’s, add-in’s and upgrades) to improve your work flow and increase efficiency
  • Lunch & Learns (Great for learning more about what your product can do and to network with other users)
  • Remote Support (Available for clients on support)
  • Remote Administration (Available for clients on support and type of on-going support required)
  • Monthly/Quarterly system maintenance plans (Available for clients on support)

Majestic Features

  • Process (re)engineering
  • Work flow design
  • Culture management
  • Project management
  • Business alerts
  • Sales/pipeline Reporting
  • Activity Reporting
  • Customer Service tracking
  • Customer Self-Service
  • Contract Tracking
  • Services and Product Tracking
  • Web accessibility
  • Other administrative work flow functions that can be automated or simplified


About Majestic Consulting

At Majestic Consulting Group, Inc. (MCG), we strive to make your business more productive and profitable. We provide sales teams and customer service departments with “state-of-the art” sales automation tools. We’ll assist you in identifying “Areas of Technological Need.” Our software consultants analyze your business needs and design a strategic plan that will yield optimal results. We can show you how to increase revenue by turning high-quality prospects into viable sales opportunities to help perpetuate your business growth.

Majestic Consulting Group, Inc. “Paving Your Path to CRM Success”

Preliminary Step: Establish realistic and attainable goals on how CRM will impact your business. Identify the top 10 areas that need to be automated. Your timeline will be determined based upon the simplicity or complexity of your top 10 areas and how they fit into the four steps below.

Step 1: Convert data from your current system(s) into a CRM system, customize screens to satisfy basic needs and have your staff thoroughly trained.

Step 2: Begin to automate more of the basic areas of your business. These areas include paperbased systems and consolidation of multiple files and databases (i.e. Access and Excel).

Step 3: Automate the most complex areas of your business that requires the most manually intensive processes.

Step 4: Integrate with other systems to create a more holistic view of your prospects and clients. (i.e. financial and accounting software).

Result: By following these steps you will find users adopting to the system faster and produce quicker results. As you introduce more complexity to the system, a positive impact will be created by having users access one system to perform their daily activities. Your net result is higher productivity that will increase both the top and bottom line figures of your company. That is something to get excited about and create a winning environment.

Imagine a utopian environment where an employee can access all prospect and customer information, integrate to your financial package, utilize desktop faxing, instant e-mail capabilities and perform all business, sales and marketing functions from their computer. Majestic designs business environments to run more efficiently by automating their workflow processes. By identifying the workflow and customizing your CRM system, the communication and efficiency in a business can double if not triple. That level of efficiency translates into higher revenue, less employee turnover and a greater bottom line.

From analysis to implementation, Majestic Consulting Group, Inc. can make your business more productive and profitable through cost-effective business solutions.

Adding Value While Increasing Profitability to Your Organization

As you evaluate technology solutions for your organization, business impact is paramount to building value or increasing any profitability. Positive business impact has the ability to increase morale, shorten sales cycles, provide better customer service, make management meetings more productive and overall make your organization more profitable. Value is perception and only credible by business evidence that supports it. The perceived value is supported by deficiencies in a company that can be overcome by a business solution. Some companies look at value as the accessibility, accuracy and timeliness of information. Perhaps you need key management reports emailed to you when specific data changes or every Monday morning. Maybe a dashboard that provides the information visibly at-a-glance is more helpful and has a greater impact in your day.

The value to a business solution will dramatically impact the profitability to your organization. If the business vision is congruent with the commitment of human and financial resources in your organization, then the foundation is ready for CRM success.

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