Ownership: Private
Founded: 1989
Headquarters: Providence, Rhode Island
Software Type: Hosted or In-House
Pricing: N/A


OpenBox Technologies Review / Key Strengths

  • End to end CRM – Complete enterprise-wide CRM solution
  • Hosted or in-house solution – Customers have a choice of a hosted or in-house solution
  • Customization – Powerful, easy-to-use customization tools for evolving business needs
  • Integration – Flexible architecture for easy integration with other applications
  • Analytical – Pre-configured queries and reports in various formats
  • Deployment – Strong architecture and customization tools to get up and running in days
  • Video Training – Various training options including video training
  • Security – Multi-level security settings. Supports the SSL protocol
  • Easy access via web browser – Completely web-based and operates from a browser
  • Workflow – Configure the workflow to match the business process


OpenBox Technologies Software Features/Products

  • User Definable and Configurable Tabs called Business Objects
  • Each Business Object can have its own customized dashboard
  • User Definable and Configurable Dashboards with Gadgets that can contain queries, reports, URLs, images, documents
  • Templates for Customer Service, IT Help Desk, Sales Force Automation, Marketing Campaign Management
  • Templates can be customized with CSS style sheets for consistent corporate identity (logo, colors, dashboards, tabs, gadgets)
  • Gadgets can contain drilldown, clickable queries, reports, and links
  • Quick, mouse over views utilizing AJAX for significantly improved view times
  • Multiple screens can be active enabling users to manage tasks simultaneously

OpenBOX v9.0

OpenBOX v9.0, is a powerful web-based tool set that enables organizations to ramp up implementation of new business processes or applications while keeping costs, resources and time to a minimum.

OpenBOX offers CRM or enterprise “templates” including Sales Force Automation, Service & Support (Customer Service, IT Help Desk), and Marketing Campaign Management, that utilize and present an organization’s existing data to individuals or groups regardless of where the data resides. Use or modify OpenBOX’s templates or create new ones. With OpenBOX v9.0, organizations are also able to leverage their existing databases.

About OpenBox Technologies Software

OpenBOX Technologies, a customer-driven company, was founded on a single principle: that mid-market companies will thrive if empowered with the right database tools and training. President and CEO, David Baeder has over 15 years of experience in the design and development of software and databases.

In December of 1989, he founded Business Link International (BLI) in an effort to leverage technologies that provide e-messaging services to organizations. The core nature of BLI required extensive use of databases and web services. BLI leveraged technology to allow customers extensive access and controls to back office systems. These same tools would provide the catalyst for Open Business Object Exchange, or what is known today as OpenBOX.

OpenBOX Technologies specifically addresses enterprise solutions including CRM. OpenBOX Technologies customers consist of SMB as well as large enterprises in various industries.

The OpenBOX “departmental solution” approach enables large corporations to function as efficiently as smaller mid-market companies.

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