Ownership: Private
Founded: 2006
Headquarters: West Chester, Pennsylvania
Software Type: Hosted

PipelineDeals Review / Key Strengths

  • Easy to Use – Learn the software in just 10 minutes.
  • 100% Web-based – No software to download or upgrades.
  • Increase Sales – Organize and Improve the sales process.
  • Simple Pricing – $15/user/month with no long term commitments.
  • Track Leads, Contacts, Milestones and Deal Status.
  • Reporting – simple and powerful reporting to track deal status.
  • Switching Support – Personal service to upload customer/deal data in bulk.
  • Safe and Secure – 128k SSL Connections Security and regular intraday data back ups.

PipelineDeals CRM Features

  • Lead Source Tracking – Find what marketing efforts are delivering done deals.
  • Deal Home Page for a quick snapshot of deal status and upcoming events.
  • Customizable deal stages, lead sources, currencies and time zones.
  • Ability to limit or expose data based on an individual’s role.
  • SMS deal reminders to your cell phone.
  • Email reminders to any email address.
  • Integrated Calendar keeps track of important dates.
  • Maintain up to date contact database with customer information.
  • Keep a current list of to dos and reminders to keep your team organized.
  • Keep all data and documents related to a deal on one page.
  • Upload any file and tie it to a deal – word document, spreadsheet, pdf, etc.
  • Create and keep any notes on the fly as a deal evolves.
  • Create customizabe lists for any deal.
  • Simple Red/Yellow/Green deal status.
  • Sort reports on the fly whatever data point you choose.
  • Export your data to CSV at anytime for customizable reporting.


About PipelineDeals CRM Software

PipelineDeals was founded in 2006 with one mission: Provide Simple CRM from Big Business.  PipelineDeals is designed with the sales person in mind offering a focused yet powerful application to facilitate selling – not hinder it. PipelineDeals captures the essence of the features that are really useful for sales people and discards non-mission critical features. Our goal is to free up the sales person from running software and let them focus on what matters most: sales.

PipelineDeals helps companies:

– Track leads and deals from beginning to end.
– Organize sales team resource more effectively and efficiently.
– Close more deals delivering more revenue.

Because PipelineDeals was designed by a sales agent for a sales agent we provide a software tool that is a welcome addition to any sales team. Sales agents understand that PipelineDeals helps them everyday and becomes and integral part of their regular activities.

PipelineDeals has been recognized by CNET and industry veterans as a great alternative in the CRM space offering a safe and secure web-based CRM package that takes the headache out of traditional software implementations. Pipelinedeals has customers in 13 countries around the world who let us know everyday how thankful they are that they started using PipelineDeals.

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