Ownership: Private
Founded: 1994
Headquarters: High Wycombe, England
Software Type: On-premise
Pricing: N/A


ProspectSoft Review / Key Strengths

ProspectSoft CRM Software is a modular suite of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and solutions, primarily for the SME and small corporate user, and based on 3 fundamental principles:

  • Flexible and adaptable CRM software
  • Accounting Software and Back-Office Software integration
  • Mobile Computing


ProspectSoft Software Features/Products

CRM Software Solutions from ProspectSoft

CRM Software Solutions from ProspectSoft have enabled widely different types and sizes of organisation to benefit from great improvements in customer intelligence. This intelligence is available to traditional CRM software users like sales and marketing departments, as well as customer helpdesk and field service staff. It is also accessible to less obvious departmental CRM users such as supplier management and sales order entry. ProspectSoft CRM software runs on local or wide-area networks and provides seamless communications with mobile computing solutions for laptop computers, tablet PC’s, PDA’s and mobile telephones.

With the launch of Version 5, the ProspectSoft CRM solution was extended to include a range of software aimed at even more types and sizes of business. All the products in the ProspectSoft CRM software range use a single-source code base; the same robust SQL database and a single installation process. This enables upgrades across the entire product range, without reinstallation, retraining or data conversion.

This also means that all products feature ProspectSoft’s unique back-office integration and market-leading mobile computing solutions – out of the box. The full ProspectSoft family includes CRM software solutions for Enterprise users, medium sized businesses and small business users alike.

ProspectSoft CRM Enterprise

ProspectSoft CRM Enterprise Software is the company’s flagship CRM solution. With support from multi-way processors and built-in disaster recovery capabilities, ProspectSoft CRM Enterprise Software offers a highly robust solution for the Enterprise that requires up to 250, or more, concurrent users with maximum scalability, flexibility and customization.

ProspectSoft CRM Professional

ProspectSoft CRM Professional Software is the ideal CRM solution for small to medium sized businesses that need the power and flexibility normally found in much larger software solutions, combined with ProspectSoft’s market leading accounting software integration and mobility – all available out of the box.

ProspectSoft Small Business CRM

ProspectSoft Small Business CRM provides a cost effective contact management solution for smaller business that require a flexible and integrated system for up to 5 users, 4 of which can be upgraded to mobile users. The functionality is fully flexible dependant on individual business requirements and allows users to pick up to 10 modules from ProspectSoft’s 24-module catalogue, and is also fully supported by many powerful CRM software options.

CRM Software Modules and Options

All ProspectSoft CRM Software Solutions can be enhanced with a wide range of flexible CRM Modules and CRM Software Options allowing ProspectSoft CRM Software to meet the needs of a wide range of users in all types of industry. Beyond the standard CRM Modules and Options, the XML API (application programmable interface) allows resellers, developers and even customers to develop custom enhancements to meet individual customer needs.

About ProspectSoft Software

The company was formed in 1994 as a specialist software house and has developed considerable expertise in mobile database solutions and systems integration. ProspectSoft CRM has evolved over the past 5 years and, following a 300% expansion in the company since the start of the millennium, CRM Softwares are now installed in the UK and 12 other countries, from Sweden to South Africa, Ireland to New Zealand and the USA. ProspectSoft delivers its CRM Solutions in the UK through 40 highly trained and qualified resellers, backed up by in-house sales, support and consulting staff. In the rest of the world, support is provided locally by distributors.

Customers range from SMEs with fewer than 25 employees, to divisions of multi-national corporations like Reed Elsevier. With SMEs as the primary target, installations are typically in the 10 to 50 seat range, although some sites have as few as 3 seats, while others have over 100. ProspectSoft CRM Software users operate in markets as diverse as IT services, vehicle components, medical equipment and wallpaper.

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