Ownership: Private
Founded: July, 2001
Headquarters: Westport, CT
Software Type: Hosted and On-Premise

Revelation Review / Key Strengths

  • Revelation gives you the tools you need, when you need them, wherever you are. Down the hall, across the state, or around the world.
  • Whether you are an internal or external support group, Revelation has the tools to support you.
  • Log a call in half the time it takes with other systems.
  • Revelation will help you make pro-active decisions that will improve results.
  • Your end users will notice the improvement immediately.

Revelation Features

  • 100% web-based
  • Log a Call in 4 steps
  • Client History
  • Custom call types and sub-types
  • Personal activity monitor and timesheet
  • Email parser auto-generates tickets from email
  • Link-out to additional resources
  • Service Level Management
  • Parent/Child ticket hierarchy
  • MS Outlook integration
  • Integrated contact management
  • End User Interface
  • Fully searchable archive
  • Save custom reports
  • Export report data to Excel
  • Access level for 3rd party support providers
  • Assign calls to individuals, support queues or both
  • Customize interface
  • Brand with your logo
  • Automatic login (with AD integration)
  • Automatic email alerts to your staff (inbox, pager, cell, etc.) and end users
  • Business rules can customize alerts
  • Define support queues and groups
    Intelligent knowledgebase for your staff and end users
  • Spell Checker includes English (US, UK, US/UK combined, Canadian, Australian), and French language packs
  • Pre-Define Call Templates to save time and control processes
  • Attach existing documentation to customers, departments, projects, calls, etc.
  • Edit terms, phrases and filenames used throughout application
  • Clutter free interface
  • Universal Time supports users in multiple time zones
  • Transparent Feature Set hides unneeded features
  • Interactive Client service reports
  • System actions record auto record status changes
  • Customize rate table per project
  • Track service contracts
  • Print work orders
  • Time tracking can expand to record billable and non-billable time


About Revelation Helpdesk

Revelation Helpdesk serves three distinct user groups.

End User – Revelation Helpdesk end user interface will empower your end users making them part of the solution, not part of the problem.

IT Management – Revelation Helpdesk built in management tools will provide you with a clear snapshot of what’s happening, where the problems are and what the future holds.

IT Staff – Revelation Helpdesk ease to use and intuitive features will make your support staff more efficient by letting them focus on the job at hand.

Revelation Helpdesk accomplishes this challenge by providing an optimum combination of ease of use, efficiency, powerful performance reports, and integrated CRM tools. Our intuitive features save you time across all aspects of your support process, resulting in an immediate benefit, from increased up-time to better customer satisfaction.

Revelation is a 100% web based helpdesk solution that is so efficient it is like adding a virtual employee to your staff at a fraction of the cost. This is because Revelation gives you the freedom choose the features you want, the freedom to only pay for what you need.

We can do this because Revelation is completely modular. At the core we have a strong, stable helpdesk application with all the necessary tools for a basic helpdesk. Based on your specific needs, simply choose the bundle that most closely matches your needs.

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