Ownership: Private
Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
Software Type: Hosted Software
Price: N/A<!– Get Free Trial Request Free Demo–>


SalesVoodoo Key Strengths

  • Extensive customization capability
  • Out-of-box Integration with ERP systems
  • Focus on serving mid-size companies
  • Affordability


SalesVoodoo CRM Products:

  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Real-Time Accounting Integration
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Service Ticket Management

About SalesVoodoo

Clients select SalesVoodoo because they recognize that our technology, combined with our ability to understand and tailor to their needs, can free them from the overwhelming onslaught of today’s frantic, data intensive world. SalesVoodoo turns data into knowledge to focus on the task at hand.

From a high vantage point, a great data management and analytical system is the most basic of IT challenges. From a closer perspective, Voodoo is the only system to provide this solution in a flexible, scalable, cost-effective and customer focused format.

Our “client services teams” are focused on consistent delivery of the highest level of service to all client organizations, regardless of size, industry focus or organizational management.

We take great pride in the diverse size of our clients that result from this focus. Not surprisingly, our clients are the leaders within the industries we serve.

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