Are there any indications of the need for a CRM project?

Pay Scale Structure means creation of Payroll area, Pay scale type, area, group and levels with Employee Sub group grouping for PCR & Cap’s.

How important is Customer Relationship Management?
The past decade has seen concentrated efforts at integrating enterprise relationship planning (ERP) systems at the same time that organizations eliminated Year 2000 concerns. Now, an increasing number of companies are turning to customer relationship management (CRM) strategies to retain and acquire customers in a worldwide marketplace characterized by heightened competition. Can CRM and ITS server maintained in one system?

CRM and ITS servers can be maintained in one system, but it is technically possible and whereas it is not recommended since it would not allow for good security if both are implemented in one server.

How long will it take to get CRM in place?A bit longer than many software salespeople will lead you to think. Some vendors even claim their CRM “solutions” can be installed and working in less than a week. Packages like those are not very helpful in the long run because they don’t provide the cross-divisional and holistic customer view needed. The time it takes to put together a well-conceived CRM project depends on the complexity of the project and its components.
Is there any provision directly with CRM to buffer the data or is there any other means?The provision directly with CRM to buffer the data is by CRM stores, all orders, products, and prices etc, used in the Internet sales Scenario. It would have R/3 integration and then the order will be forwarded to R/3, but it is also kept in CRM database.
How the data was collected in CRM projects?There are different types to collect data from CRM projects:

1. Responses to Campaigns.

2. Sales and purchase data.

3. Web registration data.

4. Shipping and fulfillment dates.

5. Account Information.

6. Service and support records.

7. Demographic data.

8. Web sales data.

What are the Benefits of customer relationship management?
What are the advantages of CRM?
Is there any limitation for the number of Mobile Clients in CRM?

No, there is no limitation for the number of mobile clients in CRM.

What is automating the operations?
What is CRM Software?
What is the goal of CRM?
What is the difference between the internet sales and the components provided with ITS and with CRM?
What is Business Process Management BPM?
Is it possible to implement CRM with SAP 4.0B?
What is the definition of CRM?
What is the difference between CRM and R/3?
Explain Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?
What is mySAP CRM?

How to integrate a data quality solution within other software applications?

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