41. Which of the following is NOT true of the Join Specification object type?

? A. Name of the join specification object definition must be unique within the join

? B. Destination column is required if the join occurs on a column other than ROW_ID

? C. Source field denotes the name of the field on which the destination table will be joined

? D. The Join Specification specifies the table to be joined


42. You want to bring party data into a different party business component. Which of the

following would you NOT do when mapping a field to a column in a Party table?

? A. Select an existing or create a new explicit join

? B. Use the existing implicit join from S_PARTY to the other Party table

? C. Set the appropriate type for the new Field

? D. Select the desired column in the joined table


43. In a M:M link, which of the following properties must be populated? Choose three.

? A. Child business component

? B. Inter table

? C. Destination field

? D. Inter child column


44. When you configure a static drilldown to a different business component, which of the

following you would NOT do? Choose two.

? A. Set Hyperlink field and view properties

? B. Set business component, source field, and destination field properties to enable drilldown to a view based on a different parent record

? C. Create a new drilldown object for the applet in Siebel Tools

? D. Identify one or more matching conditions to trigger drilling down to a specific target view

? E. Set the field, value, and sequence properties


45. Which of the following is NOT one of the steps in configuring a dynamic picklist in Siebel


? A. Set the Type Value property on the picklist to the picklist name in the S_LST_OF_VAL

? B. Specify the Business Component to be used by the Pick List object

? C. Set the runtime property to TRUE on the control or list column object

? D. Create a Pick Map definition


46. Which of the following are true of Multi-value group (MVG)? Choose two.

? A. Its visual cue is

? B. It requires dedicated space for each child record on a view

? C. Multi-value field is required for an MVG

? D. It is an alternative to a detail view for managing parent and related child records

? E. It cannot be built on M:M relationships


47. Which of the following is a valid reason to use unused columns of an existing standard 1:1

extension table (rather than creating a custom extension column on the base table)?

? A. The columns will very rarely be included in the User Interface, and applies to only

a small subset of the records in the base table

? B. It will improve performance

? C. It is a solution when you have not purchased the Advanced Database Extensibility module

? D. Siebel does not permit creation of new columns on base tables


48. Which of the following access control mechanisms is NOT how Siebel limits records a user

can access in a given view?

? A. Membership in access groups for catalogs and categories

? B. User ID

? C. User’ s responsibilities

? D. User’ s organization

? E. User’ s position


49. Which of the following is NOT one of the steps of enabling Multilingual List of Values


? A. Compile a new .srf and deploy

? B. Determine which columns to enable

? C. Update the existing data in the database by running the MLOV upgrade utility

? D. Configure columns for MLOVs

? E. Create 1:M extension table to S_LST_OF_VAL table for each target language


50. For which Contact view do you set the Visibility Applet Type property to Sales Rep?

? A. For All Contacts

? B. For My Team’ s Contacts

? C. For My Personal Contacts

? D. For All Contacts across Organizations

? E. For My Contacts


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