31. Upon completing a repository search in Tools, how do you navigate to an object definition found during the search?

? A. Right-click the object in the results list

? B. Click the object in the results list

? C. Double-click the object in the results list

? D. Select the object and press the Space Bar


32. What mechanism prevents the entry of duplicate records by specifying the columns that must contain a unique set of values?

? A. Foreign key

? B. Index

? C. Primary key

? D. User key


33. Which type of relationship requires an intersection table?

? A. Many-to-One (M:1)

? B. One-to-One (1:1)

? C. Many-to-Many (M:M)

? D. One-to-Many (1:M)


34. Where is main organization-related data stored in the Siebel database?

? A. S_ORG_EXT table


? C. S_BU table

? D. S_BUSINESS table


35. When you create a join to a party table, the destination column must reference the _____

column in the joined table.



? C. BU_ID



36. You want to add your company’ s logo in the branding area. Which of the following is NOT a step that you need to accomplish this?

? A. Compile an .srf and test the application after you modify it in Tools to see whether the logo appears

? B. Specify the name of the logo in an HTML IMG tag

? C. Test the application after saving the template file to see whether the logo appears

? D. Edit CCFrameBanner.swt template file to add an image


37. What steps do you have to perform in order to bind applets to a view template? Choose two.

? A. Drag the applets from the list onto the placeholders in the view template

? B. Launch the Web View Layout Editor in Siebel Tools to have the template file and the applets window open

? C. Create a new Screen View definition in Screens

? D. Modify properties in Siebel Tools, by navigating to View || View Web template || View Web Template Item


38. Which of the following is true of the Item Identifier property of an applet web template item?

? A. It is read by the Siebel Tools to generate the final HTML

? B. It specifies the condition under which this item is mapped

? C. It specifies the ID assigned to the control that is mapped to the placeholder in the .swt file

? D. It specifies the name of the control or list item such as List and Form


39. You want to edit the Web layout of a Contact Form applet by right-clicking and choosing

Edit Web Layout. You have checked out the appropriate project but you still get an error as

soon as you choose Edit Web Layout. Which of the following toolbar settings should you

have set first?

? A. History

? B. List

? C. Web Controls

? D. Edit

? E. Target Browser Group

? F. Debug


40. Opportunity and Sales Stage have a M:1 relationship according to your business model.

You want to show some data from the Sales Stage business component in your Opportunity

business component. How would you do this?

? A. By creating an implicit join between the Opportunity business component and the S_PARTY table

? B. By using the intersection table S_OPTY_STG

? C. By creating a link between Opportunity and Sales Stage business components

? D. By creating a join from the Opportunity business component to the S_STG table


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