81. Which jar file should be mandatiorialy be present in the classpath of the ClarifyCRM application
A) ClfyIntegration.jarB) ClfyShutdown.jarC) ClfyStartup.jarD) ClfySession.jar

82. Can CDO’s be accessed across JSP pages

A) TrueB) FalseExplanation: This can be done my Copycodo

83. The properties in the WorkerBeanImpl class for handling errors is
A) ErrorPageB) MessageBeanC) TitleD) postQueryValidateHook()

84. The class which serves as intermediary between worker bean and the error page is

A) ClfyFormB) WorkerBeanImplC) MessageBeanImplD) MessageBean class

85. Which of the following is false about extended filters ?
A) Search and lookup windows use extended filters to query the databaseB) Consists of a set of search specifications stored in the databaseC) The CBOs include a set of BOs to

86. Which of the following statements is true about the master Help File
A) Organizes application help mapping files in hierarchy.B) Has fixed file name clfyhelp.xmlC) Located in different directory as application map help mapping file.D) At runtim

87. Which of the following statements is true about SpellChecker functionality in clarifyCRM

A) Can provide spell check for any text control on a JSP.B) Uses winter tree software sentry spell checker for Java SDK.C) Is not a part of the ClarifyCRM framework.D) On clie

88. Which of the following is not the advantage of the Binding framework.
A) Seperates user interface (HTML markup) and dataB) Reduces the need to understand Beans when writing JSPsC) Sets data into HTML controls to displayD) Hampers retrieves and s

89. Validation framework in clarifyCRM provides the validation support for which of the following

A) Currency and currency symbolB) Numerical ValidationsC) String Length ValidationsD) a & b

90. Control manager is available to the controls that register for

A) Dirty bit checkingB) Parity bit checkingC) byte code checkingD) b & c

91. Which of the following is not a clarify specific bean

A) xbeanB) actionbeanC) workerbeanD) containerbean

92. Which function (Clarify specific) is called after the data request completes ensuring that code accessing CDOs will not do so until the data has arrived. ______
A) postDataLoadInit()Explanation: Normally it is the onload function that is called after the page is loaded, but clarify has it’s own wrapper for it.

93. Which locking mechanism is used by Clarify A) Optimistic lockingB) Lookup lockingC) Transaction LockingD) Pessimistic LockingExplanation: This is because the last saved data will be displayed.

94. State true or false :-You can write C++ applications that access the COM layer of the business objects.
A) TrueB) FalseExplanation: Though the Business Objetcs are written in C++ and provide wrapper for Java through JNI calls COM interfacing is not supported.

95. When the components (CBO and LPOMS) are implemented in a dynamic link library and thus execute in the same process on the server, such type of the framework deployment of the Clarify CRM is called ________________
A) In-process, applicable for version clarify 13.1+ version

96. When the components are implemented in the separate process(LPOMS.EXE) that runs n a different mach
When the components are implemented in the separate process(LPOMS.EXE) that runs n a different machine than the client does, such type of the framework deployment of the Clarify CRM is called ___________________
A) Remote Framework Deployment

97. Load balancing for clarify web session is done by using the built-in load balancing capability of the weblogic A) TrueB) FalseExplanation: done by using Data Access Service (DAS)

98. To enable the faster processing, Clarify CRM provides local caching for the following objects
A) CBOB) Routing ServerC) Classification EngineD) JSP

99. JSP upgrade is a three way merge process. Two of the inputs are Old version of the clarify JSP, New version of clarify JSP’s and the third one is _________
A) custom version of old JSP’s

100. Split JSP page typically contains the following –
A) BE-XMLB) CLFY-TAGSC) Some server side code that generates static values.D) Java Scriplets.

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