61. What is the use of CDOCOL. (Select Multiple)
A) It is the collection of CDOs.B) It is used to display the data on the search pages.C) It is the BindingElement and used to display the data on the search pages.D) It is used to

62. Can a user belong to more than one page class.
A) YesB) NoExplanation: No as it is the pageclass that decides which of the customized pages will be used for a user.

63. In clarify CRM billing manager the relation between the paymeans and billing arrangement is

64. The use of the eSupport Application in the ClarifyCRM is (Multiple choice)
B) Create casesC) Field ServicesD) Create work case***planation: eSupport is customer facing application in Clarify that is used for on going support to the

65. The use of the Customer Interaction Manager application in the ClarifyCRM is (Multiple choice) BeginnerA) Knowing the information required to assist/know the customerB) Tracking all the work performed during the interactionC) Manage opportunitiesD) Manage Field service***planation:

66. The use of the Order Management application in the ClarifyCRM is (Multiple choice) A) Defining the bundles of products and services that may be ordered utilizing eligibility rulesB) Configurable order captue process enforcing valid data entryC) Manage the comple

67. Which of the following application in Clarify Web Applications is customer facing application) eOrderB) eSupportC) SalesD) SupportExplanation: Options c and d are Agent facing applications.

68. Which of the following application in the Clarify Web Applications is agent facing application A) ClarifyCRM Sales ApplicationB) ClarifyCRM Support ApplicationC) ClarifyCRM Callcenter ApplicationD) eOrderExplanation: Answer – (a,b,c) because eOrder is the client facing appl

69. Which of the following is/are true about CdoManager –A) Provides methods to create and access client side Cdos.B) Used by Binding Framework to associate page element with beans.C) Converts modified Cdos back into XML on page submit.

70. Which of the following is/are true for Window Manager- A) Includes KeyBoardManager Component that allows hotkey to be defined for navigation purpose.B) Provides WindowManagement functionality.C) Provides handlers to pass data in between

71. Which of the statement(s) is true ? A) CDOBO – a single row in the CBOB) CDOCOL – Multiple rows In business objectsC) CDOCdo – a record from the table or view from the external systemD) CDOVariable – a collection of

72. What is the use of worker bean (Select multiple options)
A) communicate between jsp and save beanB) communicate between jsp and load beanC) communicate between child load bean and jspD) communicate between jsp and external system.

73. Which objects are mentioned in the client side Application Programming Interface (API) ( A) CDOB) CDOCOLC) CDO ManagerD) Category ObjectExplanation: Answer – (a,b,c) – Because they are used in the jsp while the category object is the server side component

74. Which objects are mentioned in the server side Application Programming Interface (API) A) Global Data ManagerB) CDOCOLC) CDO ManagerD) Category ObjectExplanation: CDOCOL is used in the client side.

75. Which java class specifies the name of the customized classes to be used instead of the OutOfBox clarify code __________________ A) Config.javaExplanation: It contains a HashMap that specifies which classes have been modified ,and which classes as substitution for them.

76. Can u create your own user defined CBOs in Clarify
A) TrueB) FalseExplanation: User defined CBO’s is not allowed. We use Generic BO’s instead.

77. Class BOContext is inherited from
A) SessionContextB) ApplicationContextC) FormContextD) None of the aboveExplanation: FormContext was the original class used but now BOContext has been created to make it more

78. What is the use of the Clarify CRM billing API’s (Multiple choice)
A) create and update billing accounts and associate billing account to business organizations B) create and update billing arrangements and associate them with the contacts and

79. objId field in the terms of relational Database terminology of Clarify is known as

A) pseudo-keyB) primary keyC) foreign keyD) none of the aboveExplanation: Option b is false because there is no concept of the primary key in clarify. Also the foreign key

80. Which of the following statements are true about the PM applets in the ClarifyCRM

A) Applet that runs on the browser to support communicationB) Receives and displays messages on the clientC) Provide the capability to interact with a CTI server, and process

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