Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online is one of the most efficient, powerful and cutting edge technology of CRM products because of its cloud-based version. Opting for cloud-based CRM solutions means, that you would have a quick access to the application with minimal interruptions as the software is stored on remote server, which can be access using internet. This also means that there is a less requirement for infrastructure and other related expenses.

If you have already tried the beta, then many of times you might have had ambiguity about adding custom workflow activity in CRM2011 Online. Microsoft Dynamic CRM team agrees that because of technical constraints it is difficult to provide support custom workflow activities in CRM 2011. They also accept the fact that it is the most widely accepted feature and it is foremost on their list to enable the online support in coming release.

Here you will learn more about inserting custom logic to workflows in CRM 2011 Online with the help of a sales example.

Example Scenario: In organization XYZ, Salesmen shortlist the list of Technical Manager who would be interested in their product. The salesmen get in touch with the Technical Manager to sell the product and the interested Technical Manager would be listed in a future customer list. This list is converted to an account. The list of Technical Managers who would not show interest on the product would be excluded. To keep this process going continuously, a script should be running to select the Technical Manager who should be shortlisted.

It is a 5-step procedure, which is dealt in detail below.

1. Logic identification

2. Custom entity creation

3. Defining Process

4. Working with Custom code

5. Final Step

Step 1- Logic Identification

Identify the logic which is not supported by CRM Workflow Designer, which means that the custom code is required for the workflow. The rest can be managed using the CRM Workflow Designer. Two inputs are required that are needed to be added to the list – Sales list and Account creation.

Step 2 – Custom Entity Creation

From the sitemap, create a custom entity named Add to marketing list action. This entity would help manage the two parameters that would be passed.

Step 3 – Defining the Process

Define the custom action and insert for the custom entity insert a create step. With the help of form assistant, configure the inputs as shown below.



Step 4 – Working with Custom Code

Register the code created in the sandboxed plugin. This created code will be generated on creation of Add to Marketing List Action.


Step 5 – Final Step

To avoid too many instances of Add to Marketing List Action, register a plugin which would delete the instances on creation of Add to Marketing List Action.

Custom workflow action is inserted. This method would help integrate two different entities. The salesmen can now initiate the Dialog with the Technical Manager without having any apprehension about the Sales lists or the criteria to shortlist the eligible Technical Managers.

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