Coinciding with the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011we wanted to give you an update on the accelerators program which was launched in May 2008 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 customers and partners. The exciting news is that accelerators are graduating to Solutions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011! We will publish these solutions on the recently launched Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace. The existing CRM 4 accelerator CodePlex sites will be decommissioned the over the next few months.

Which accelerators are graduating?

Of the existing CRM 4 accelerators, we have started by graduating the following to CRM 2011 as solutions:

· Customer Portal

This is the migration of the Customer Portal Accelerator which included Portal Integration, eService and Event Management functionality.

· Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Portal

This is the migration of the Partner Relationship Management accelerator.

· Customer Care Accelerator (CCA)

This is the CRM 2011 version of the Customer Care Accelerator

Additionally, the Non-Profit Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been migrated to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and is available on the Marketplace.

Where can you find them?

Solutions have been developed and published to the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace by Microsoft Dynamics Labs. Keep checking this blog for further release announcements!

In addition to the migrated accelerators, Microsoft Dynamics Labs will publish new solutions to demonstrate additional capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 or provide a starting point for some innovative CRM extensions. We hope you will find these valuable additions for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation!

What about the remaining accelerators?

The capabilities of these four accelerators are provided as out-of-box features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011:

· Extended Sales Forecasting is provided by the new Goal Management module

· Business Productivity Workflow Tools have been absorbed into the standard workflow and dialogs features

· Business Data Auditing is replaced with a full-featured business data auditing feature

· Analytics R2 is replaced with the investments in contextual visualizations and real-time dashboards

The following four are being considered as potential features or solutions in the future roadmap of the product beyond Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011:

· Business Productivity Newsfeed

· Notifications

· Social Networking Accelerator

· Enterprise Search R1

Keep checking this blog and Microsoft Dynamics Labs for the updates and latest solutions from the CRM team!

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