Enhanced Business Rules in CRM 2015 – New CRM 2015 feature #1 explained:

Now there is no need to create multiple business rules for one logic string in CRM 2015. Business rules can now contain If/Then logic and the ability to combine expressions using And/Or.

This feature would reduce much effort on adding the branching conditions in business rules as in 2013 version.

Here I am trying to create a business rule under Account entity for the below validation.

If the Account Number field is empty, then there should be an error message on the ‘Account Number’ field. Else, lock the Account Number field. With this new feature in CRM 2015, we can do a single condition IF/Else branch to achieve this.

Created a new Business rule with the required condition:


If the Account Number is empty, it shows the error message:


If the Account Number is not empty, it locks the Account Number field:


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