“Editable Grid” is  a significant feature and surprisingly it has been delayed to introduce in Microsoft CRM. Though it has been released in the online version way before, Microsoft has just introduced it in the On Premise version – Dynamics 365 Update 2.1 (On Premise).


By Default “Editable Grid” would be disabled and it has to be enabled manually through solution configuration – for each entity.


Here is how we can configure the “Editable Grid” for case entity in CRM.


  1. Open a solution which has case entity added (or create a new solution and add case entity to the solution)

2.  Click on “Add Control” and select “Editable Grid” and click on “Add” button


3. There are additional configurations required to specify the “Group By” column. Select any column you need to group the list of cases [ any other entity in case if you work on other entities]. Save the solution and publish the customization.

4. Lets access the “My Active Cases” view and see the editable grid in action. We can change the columns values in the view without opening the record.


4. In addition to the “Editable Grid”, Group By view allows grouping of the data within the view and it helps the businesses to track cases more sophisticated way. This is going to be a must have feature any client would ask for.


Thanks for reading the blog post. If you need any assistance in CRM implementation, please feel free to contact us.

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