With the recent update in Dynamics 365 Online, Microsoft has removed the ‘Organization Insights Preview’ feature from CRM and moved it to the new ‘Power Platform’ – which can be accessed through url.

Benefits are:

  • No need of installing any additional solutions [ how it was accessible earlier]
  • No need of additional configuration changes to enable this

How to access Organization insights?

  1. Access the Power admin url https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com/
  2. Select Analytics > Common Data Service for Apps. This will open the Organization preview dashboard

Organization Insights:


All dashboards have the common feature to:

  1. Download the data
  2. Apply filters on the report data


  • Lets have a look at the ‘Active Users’ dashboard:

It shows the number of active users in the provided timeline and also the usage timeline and operation type as well.

  • Another much useful dashboard is the statistics on the System Jobs within the organization.

It shows the Pass rate of jobs and also the top workflows which are getting failed – which is highly useful for the Administrator to narrow down to the failing processes.


For more details about the Power platform, click here

Hope this helps!

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