In the previous post How to enable Portals in Dynamics 365 we have seen how to setup a portal and have setup the sample customer self service portal. Let’s have a look at the default features of Customer Self Service Portal.

  • Feature #1 – Customer Registration and Customer authentication

Customers can register in the portal and it will create Contact in CRM real time.


Customer record is created in CRM upon registration on the portal


  • Feature #2 – Auto Suggestion of resolutions populated based on the Knowledge Articles setup in CRM


  • Feature #3 – Create Case from the Portal

On Submission, case is created and Case Number is shown [fetched from CRM] on the Portal


Search for the case number in CRM



Now let’s resolve the case in CRM and see if it gets updated in the Portal Realtime.


  • Feature #4 – Get the updated details of case on the portal


When case is resolved [ or any other changes], the sync is realtime and the changes are refelcted in portal.


Portals are really useful components to use along with Dynamics 365 and below key features for a customer centric self-service application are ready by default with no coding.  Earlier, with custom page development this could be a work for couple of weeks and with the emerge of cloud solutions and apps, this is a matter of couple of hours work and without writing single code.

Default features of Portal [ Customer Self Service]

  1. Setup a self-service page for the customer
  2. Customer Registration and Customer Authentication
  3. Portal registration form for customer and real-time sync with CRM to create Contact record when a customer is registered
  4. Realtime sync with CRM KB to show suggested answers based on the issue summary
  5. Realtime sync with CRM to
    • Create Case
    • Fetch the Case Details and status
    • Update Case


We will cover more of the configuration changes in the next posts.

Hope ths helps!

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