Microsoft has provided a sample Power App which can be used for the purpose of managing expenses. Ref:

We have added more features to the sample Expense App and would like to present and share that with the Power platform community for generic usage. Let’s review the Power Apps based Expense Management Solution. This Expense Management Solution consists of 2 applications:

a. For Staff [Canvas App] – To use from mobile – create Expense Report and Submit the expense
b. For Management/Finance [Model Driven App] – To view/approve/update the expenses submitted by staff.

Staff App – Screens

  1. Main page – From this page user can either create a new expense report or they can see all expense reports created by them with its status.

2. Create Expense report with Title and Account (optional).

3. Once the Expense Report is created Expense Items can be created under the expense in next page.

4. Enter details of expense and save.

5. Once saved, user will be provided with an option to attach receipt. Receipt image can be taken from mobile– for the expense item.

6. Once expense added, go back to the Expense page and Submit.

7. User can also view all expenses in the home page with their current status(whether it is Draft/Submitted/Approved/Paid).

Management/Finance App – To view the expenses and act on those

1. Dashboard

2. Expenses Form – This will include Expense Report and a list of corresponding Expense Items.

3. Open the Expense Item record to view the receipts attached

4. Clicking on the file will open the image in browser.

5. Or there is another option for previewing the image from the Expenses Form itself without navigating to Expense Item record. Here for each Expense Item selection there is an option to view attachments related to that particular Expense Item.

6. Preview of the receipt attached will be shown in a popup window. If there is more than one image horizontal scrolling will be enabled.

7. Once the Expenses are verified, Manager/Finance team can approve and process the expense claim.

Hope this is helpful! Have you got any questions? Feel free to contact us!