Ownership: Private
Founded: N/A
Headquarters: San Jose, CA
Software Type: Saas or On-premise
Pricing: N/A


Nehanet Review / Key Strengths

NEHANET is the system of choice for Manufacturers, Reps and Distributors. Leading Semiconductor, Electronic Component companies. Nehanet’s solutions include:

Easily tailored to meet the specific needs of B2B, B2C and mixed-mode organizations, Nehanet CRM offers unparalleled flexibility, extensive user configurability and all the functionality expected from today’s CRM applications such as: lead, opportunity and customer management, reporting and forecasting, mail merges, and activity tracking.

In addition, Nehanet CRM reaches beyond the industry standard and redefines it with outstanding tools for:

  • ManufacturerCRM
  • RepCRM
  • NetworkCRM
  • DistributorCRM
  • GuidedDecisions


Nehanet Software Features/Products

Sales Processes:

  • Basic CRM
  • Design Registration
  • Distributor POS Management
  • Global Forecasting
  • Lead Tracking
  • Offline Edition
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Order Management
  • Partner Portal
  • Quote Management
  • Sample Tracking
  • Ship and Debit
  • Split Commissions
  • Stock Rotation/Inventory Mgmt

Marketing Processes:

  • Campaigns
  • Dynamic Web
  • Global Pricing
  • Product Lifecycle Manager
  • Product Selector
  • Solution Advisor
  • Sales Advisor

Support Processes:

  • FAQ Knowledge Base
  • Problem Escalation
  • Return Materials Authorization
  • Online Training/Certification


About Nehanet Software

NEHANET Corporation is a privately held diversified business management software and services company with offices in Silicon Valley, California and India.

ManufacturerCRM.com, RepCRM.com and DistributorCRM.com are a set of 24+ integrated completely customizable enterprise applications that automate and optimize a broad set of business processes to drive Business Efficiencies across Sales, Manufacturing, Operations, Support and Marketing functions.

GuidedDecisions.com is a sophisticated communication application for driving leads off the website, increasing the solution-footprint and training sales people by automating a discovery procedure and recommending parts or complete solutions to website visitors (customers, sales, partners etc) and explaining the rationale for the recommendation.

GuidedProcesses.com is a powerful application development and deployment platform for rapidly developing and deploying on-demand applications with sophisticated security and workflow rules and a 100% customizable user interface. All GuidedProcesses.com on-demand applications are available offline automatically.

Thousands of professionals use NEHANET daily to manage and run their business. Customers range from small pre-revenue startups just starting to manage their contacts and opportunities to large global enterprises processing thousands of quotes and debits on their systems every month.

NEHANET’s customers include market leaders across semiconductors, electronic components and other manufacturing segments who have realized immediate tangible ROI by being up and running in days or weeks due to the deep domain expertise of the company’s solutions and commitment. Companies across a wide variety of manufacturing verticals use NEHANET software and solutions.

From tracking design-wins and sample orders, to managing global pricing, quoting and contracts, to managing actuals and backlog, to improving forecast accuracy and demand planning, to managing debits and POS to managing reps, supporting customers and managing field and factory application engineers; to having a compelling web site and marketing program, to running a online training and certification program, NEHANET’s solutions provide 360o visibility into all aspects of the business operations and help drive a competitive advantage.

NEHANET’s modular architecture allows customers to select the applications of immediate interest to them and choose between a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) on-demand service or deploy the applications in house. The applications are based on the latest Web 2.0 technologies to drive ease-of-use rarely seen in web applications and are fully integrated with leading CRM and ERP/MRP solutions.

1 comment

  1. Nehanet is excellent.
    A customer for years, my company has been provided outstanding service for years, and has grown quite successfully.
    I recommend Nehanet CRM.

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