Ownership: Private
Founded: 2002
Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Software Type: Hosted/On-Demand

Model Metrics Key Strengths


  • Applications delivered in weeks, not months.
  • A No Hardware model
  • Real-time flexibility
  • Low-risk implementations
  • “Elite 8” salesforce.com partner
  • Vertical industry expertise


Model Metrics CRM Features:


  • Sales Force Automation
  • Service & Support
  • Marketing
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Analytics


About Model Metrics

Model Metrics delivers products and services at the cutting-edge of the fast-growing on-demand applications industry.  We have experienced consultants with proven skills and over 250 successful client engagements, large and small.  We have significant CRM expertise as well as industry knowledge to ensure your project is a success.  And we have world-class development skills to meet the exact demands of your business.

Our Company

At Model Metrics we empower our customers to take ownership of their CRM system from salesforce.com. We help customers align their goals with the technology. We coach our customers as we go through the implementation process together. And perhaps most importantly, we take the technical challenges out of the process so our customers can focus on the process and strategy of CRM.

Our Partnership with salesforce.com

We are not only experts in delivering CRM on demand from salesforce.com, we are also believers. We are believers in the hosted delivery model; we are believers in multi-tenancy; and we are believers in the concept of an application exchange. This new model is changing the software industry, making the end- user considerably more effective at a much lower cost. Our long-standing and successful partnership with salesforce.com is a testament to our dedication to software-as-a-service.

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