Ownership: Private
Founded: 2000
Headquarters: Denver, CO
Software Type: Web-based
Pricing: Free Trial


SmartCompany Review / Key Strengths

As a 100% web-based solution, SmartCompany allows access vital information from any location. The developers of SmartCompany have a combined 30 years experience writing these types of applications for Fortune 500 companies and designed the product specifically for companies that need the functionality of an enterprise solution without an enterprise price tag.


SmartCompany Software Features/Products

We provide a core CRM product that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office to maximize team productivity.

  • SmartCompany CRM – SmartComapny’s flagship product is a hosted CRM product that is simple, easy to use, affordable, and has everything needed right out of the box. It is available in two editions: Sales (for the sales team) and Corporate (for the entire company).
  • OutSmart – SmartCompany CRM delivers the most powerful Microsoft Office integration in the business. With OutSmart, one can instantly copy both inbound and outbound emails from Outlook to SmartCompany. One can also look up recipients for Outlook emails in the SmartCompany database.
  • WordSmart – Create mail merge documents for SmartCompany data. Open files in the SmartCompany document library right from within Word.
  • ExcelSmart – Load SmartCompany data into Excel to run reports, mail merges, etc.


About SmartCompany Software

SmartCompany is a leading provider of hosted CRM software, strategic CRM consulting, and custom CRM development and integration. SmartCompany’s expert team has over 50 years’ combined experience designing, building, and deploying mission-critical CRM solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. The company’s hosted offerings, SmartCompany Corporate and SmartCompany Sales, are compelling examples of its ability to design, build, deploy, and support reliable, enterprise-class CRM products. If a company has CRM needs of any kind, SmartCompany can help meet them. SmartCompany was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

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