Ownership: Private
Founded: N/A
Headquarters: Reading, Berkshire, UK
Software Type: Hosted

Workbooks Review / Key Strengths

  • Workbooks CRM improves the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing; increasing the flow of leads and measuring marketing ROI.
  • Sales force automation (SFA) within Workbooks CRM improves and measures sales team performance and boosts productivity by streamlining sales processes including quoting for new business.
  • The customer relationship management tools of Workbooks CRM streamline helpdesk organisations. Best practice customer support processes help to improve customer service whilst at the same time reducing delivery costs.
  • Workbooks delivers a complete prospect to Invoice view of your business allowing you to understand the health of your business at the click of a mouse.
  • Workbooks reduces the time of sales and marketing administrators by including quotations which can be converted to Invoices and purchase orders generated within the CRM system which in turn reduces mistakes and improves cash collection.

Workbooks Features

  • Web based ‘Windows-like’ user interface
  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Management
  • Web to Lead Capture
  • Lead Qualification
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Campaign Response Tracking
  • Campaign Task Management
  • Purchase order generation linked to campaigns
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Campaign Reporting (ROI)
  • Sales Automation
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Opportunity Management
  • Built in Quotations
  • Quote to Invoice Capability
  • Credit Notes
  • Dashboards
  • Fully Functioned Reporting Engine


About Workbooks

Workbooks Online provides a suite of easy-to-use business applications designed specifically for small and mid-size organisations to run their business – already fully integrated and delivered over the web eradicating the need for hardware, software, maintenance and backup.

Workbooks CRM and Workbooks Business help you to improve the performance of your organisation; with real-time visibility of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Workbooks solutions help to increase productivity through efficiency gains and provide the framework to better manage risks to your business.

Workbooks is ready for use as soon as you subscribe – and starts to deliver value immediately with low up-front and ongoing costs and provides unlimited scalability and guaranteed reliability.

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