41. If u want to get the reference of a cdo object in client side which of the following should be used

A) g_cdoManager.getCdoByName()B) g_cdoManager.getCdoById()C) m_cdoManager.getCdoByName()D) m_cdoManager.getCdoById()Explanation: Because at client side the variables are always re

42. The _________ binding element is designed to replace server-side Scriptlet code ina JSP that performs conditional testing on dynamic data with Java Script code on the client
A) SwitchB) Combo BoxC) Choice ListD) TextBox

43. Which one of the following is predefined Out of Box values for source and target windows of data transfer.

44. Which of the following statements is false about the Data Communication Framework.
A) JavaScript object that handles communication between windows on the client.B) Support callback functionsC) Contains data communication items which identify data to copy fro

45. Subclass wizard bean templates are written in a template coding language called
A) Velocity Template LanguageB) Verborsity Template LanguageC) Velocity Expert LanguageD) Verbosity Template Language

46. Which of the following statements is true about the windows broadcasting.
A) Is called a “Soft Refresh”B) Improves performance by avoiding server-side roundtripsC) Enables CDO refresh for all open windowsD) Do not provide functionality to update new

47. The toolbox configuration files for the ClarifyCRM Administrator are defined in
A) /commonjsp/desktop/Clarify.xmlB) /commonjsp/desktop/iAdmin.xmlC) /commonjsp/desktop/Admin.xmlD) /commonjsp/desktop/Toolbox.xml

49. What is the name of the feature by which the window manager automatically checks for the unsaved changes while closing the window and prompts the user to save any changes

A) window dirty bit checkingB) window bit checkingC) dirty bit window checking D) clarify checking.

50. Which tag contains the reference of the target worker bean
A) WBInfoB) WBCdoInfoC) WBSendInfoD) SubmitInfo

51) The class which acts as interface between the C++ and the Java layer of clarify

52. Which method on the client side is used to indicate that the node value has been changed
A) ifFieldDirty()B) isFieldDirty()C) isDirtyField()D) ifDirtyField()

53. . Worker bean calls ________ method to create, __________ method to initialize and ___________ method to initiate the creation of CBO’s within Save Bean

A) createSaveBean(), setUpSaveBean(), SB.init()B) setUpSaveBean(), createSaveBean(),SB.init()C) SB.init(), createSaveBean(), setUpSaveBean()D) createSaveBean(), SB.init(), setUpSa

54. This method is main entry point for the worker bean processing and is called by the controller servlet. The name of the method is

A) void processIncomingRequest(HttpServletRequest request, HttServletResponse response, BeanFactory beanFactory)B) void processIncomingRequest(HttpServletRequest request, BeanFact

55. Worker Beans, Save Beans and ________ together make up the Application beans in the ClarifyCRM.
A) Load BeansB) Child Worker BeansC) Child Load BeansD) Child Save Beans

56. Which of the following is/are true about savebeans –
A) Uses CBOs for database operation.B) May use Beanfactory to create other savebeans for complex database operation.C) They are Http aware.D) They can be customized by subclassing

57. The use of the eorder Application in the ClarifyCRM is
A) Search for productsB) Save the shopping listC) Create casesD) Log notes, views, statu***planation: eOrder is order management application in clarify that provides end to end su

58. Load/Save/ChildLoadBean/ChildSaveBean are HTTP aware
A) TrueB) False

59. For any activity like update and insert, performed in the clarify CRM, a log is created called activity log. Name the table in which it is stored
A) act_entryB) pay_meansC) log_entryD) act_logExplanation: The table contains a log for almost anything that is performed on clrify by users. Even the actions executed by proc

60. TLD file is an XML document that defines the _______,____________,____________ A) custom tags,B) operationsC) attributesD) tag handlers.

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