Hierarchy Security is a new feature introduced in CRM 2015. It makes the security architecture of CRM 2015 more flexible.

Common facts about Hierarchy Security

Before explaining how to setup hierarchy security in CRM 2015, I would like to mention few facts about Hierarchy Security.

  1. You can enable or disable hierarchy feature anytime from Settings>Security>Hierarchy Security
  2. Hierarchy feature can either be enabled on Manager Hierarchy or custom Position Hierarchy – cannot be enabled on both at the same time
  3. Hierarchy Depth is being used to limit the levels of access
  4. A manager or supervisor would inherit Read, Write, Append and Append To access on records owned by direct reports or owned by teams where direct reports are members in it
  5. A manager or supervisor would inherit only Read access on records owned by indirect reports or owned by teams where indirect reports are members in it
  6. To gain access via hierarchy security on any entity, Manager or Supervisor should have at least user level read access on that entity
  7. If we wish to exclude any entities from Hierarchy security access, it can be done from Settings>Security>Hierarchy Security




Below picture depicts the access levels for a hierarchy setup having Depth = 2


as it shows:

  • CEO gets Read, Write, Append and Append To access to its direct report as part of hierarchy security – VP of Sales /Service.
  • CEO gets only Read access to records owned by its indirect report as part of hierarchy security- Sales or Service Managers
  • CEO would not get access to records owned by Sales or Support team as part of hierarchy security

Manager Hierarchy:

If we enable manager hierarchy, system would automatically consider the ‘Manager’ field on the user setup form to consider the hierarchy in the organization and to provide security access based on that.


Position Hierarchy:

In order to enable Position Hierarchy Security in the system, custom positions need to be configured



Positions and their Parent positions can be configured from Settings>Security>Position



Graphical view of the Hierarchies can be viewed from any position




Once the positions are setup, users can be assigned with the appropriate positions to maintain the hierarchy within the organization.


7 facts mentioned in the beginning of this post is valid for both manager hierarchy and position hierarchy