We had a new requirement to enable basic chat feature in one of the CRM implementations and we were considering few solutions for this.

‘Cafex – Live Assist’ is one of the chat solutions you may consider if you are in search of an independent chat solution [not part of CTI integration] to work in both Web and USD interfaces.

Platform Requirements:

  • An online instance of Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Unified Service Desk, version 2.2 or later (Optional)

Steps to Follow:

  1. Enable ‘Live Assist’ application in the Dynamics 365 online instance – This will install the managed solutions required for Live Assist
  2. Connect to ‘Live Assist’  website and initiate the subscription (you may start with a trial version for upto 30 days)

3. Next step is to test run the chat addon. There is an option to try this from a demo site – if you don’t have the website ready to test run the script


4. ‘Live Chat’ widget would be added to the website from where customers (or prospects) can chat with agents


5. When customer clicks on the chat button, this initiates a session and is ready to be grabbed by an available agent. Notification shows on the agents’ CRM page (or in USD if agent has logged in to USD)

6. Once agent picks the chat, a new session will be created and based on the customer name, customer can be identified and associated to the chat.


7. This is how it looks once the customer is identified and chat is in progress – CRM Web client view

8. This is how it looks once the customer is identified and chat is in progress – USD View


Review Outcome:

  1. Easy to setup – If you are looking for a quick chat solution, Live Assist can be considered.
  2. Almost no code required to set this up. Even business person would be able to set this up.
  3. Co browse feature- this enables the agent to see the desktop view and assist
  4. License Fee is reasonable compare to other chat solution providers
  1. Custom logic to route the chat to agents based on the skill set is not available in the version we tested
  2. Occassionally, we faced performance issues during the login – logout processes
  3. Doubt if complex chat solution requirements can be managed with this


PS: What we have mentioned here is completely this writer’s personal experience while using this product and is the personal view of the writer.


Hope this helps!

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