As part of our new dynamics 365 project – which is for building the service module for contact center, we have several use cases to show popup notifications in USD.


Few use cases would be:

  1. Alert the agent when the customer record opens in USD – in case if there is an immediate action required on that customer record – eg: payment due, fraud suspect usage on credit card etc.
  2. Alert the agent to offer few cross selling options to the customer and to select the actions from the popup eg: Create Lead, Create Opportunity, Create Case etc

Here are the basic steps to show a popup notification in USD. This sample scenario is to offer customer an upgrade on the product availed.

9a. Alert - Popup-USD - 1

  1. Create a USD form – This will be popped up. XAML can be prepared using any editor and the same can be pasted to the USD Form record in CRM.

Settings>Unified Service Desk> Forms  => New

1. Alert - Popup-Form Create

2. Create a hosted control of type “Popup Notification” – this will be the control to display the form and also to add events which need to be trigerred from the popup form.

In this case, ‘Application is Global’ property is set to ‘False’ since we need different form for each customer.

2a. Notification 3 - hst control

3. Next step is to add events to the “Popup Notification” hosted control created which would be used to trigger from the form. create “OK” event and clicking on that should create a lead in CRM.

2b. Alert - Popup-Upgrade Host Control - Event - OK - Create

4. Create Action call under this event to create Lead

4. Alert - Popup-Upgrade Host Control - Event - OK - Action Call

5. Action call created under the event

3. Alert - Popup-Upgrade Host Control - Event - OK - Create after


6. Next step is to trigger the popping up of notification form when a customer record is opened. Since contact entity is used as ‘Customer’ record, we need to create the action call under “BrowserDocumentComplete” event on the Contact hosted control 

5. Alert - Popup-Contact Host Control - Event -BroweDocumenCOmpl.png


7. Action Call to trigger the popup notification

6. Alert - Popup-Contact Host Control - Event -BroweDocumenCOmpl-createactioncall.png

8. We are done with the changes and just need to add all components to the “USConfiguration”



1.Open a new Contact session in USD and it opens the popup notification: Success

9a. Alert - Popup-USD - 1.png

2.  Which clicks on “Yes”, it opens a new lead page as a new tab in USD session: Success

9b. Alert-Popup-Click Yes - Lead Open.png




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