Encryption in CRM is enabled for a good cause and sometimes it can cause a stop in the development activities – when it comes to Email integration or Queue management. This happens especially when there is no proper maintenance of CRM Deployment or transition of Support activities without proper knowledge transfer.

Team literally gets stuck in such cases where any email integration related activities cannot be taken forward. Often see this message while doing any operation related to Email Integration if the encryption key is not activated.


First step to do when you see this message is to check if Encryption is activated or not. If tyou are able to see an Encryption Key [Show Encryption Key], then just activate with the same key.

Settings>Data Management>Data Encryption


Second Step: If you are not able to see the Encryption key and is not activated – Just activate it with a new Key:


When you try this, if you see the below message, you are in trouble. Someone has already set one encryption key and CRM has data encrypted with that key. You would not be able to change it now.


Now the only option [try only after taking the backup and at own risk] left is to update the encryption fields which possibly have the encrypted data stored    [eg:password fields] and set the encrypted values to null or empty. This would then allow us to activate a new encryption key.


UPDATE Queue SET EmailPassword=null
UPDATE UserSettings SET EmailPassword=null
UPDATE EmailServerProfile SET IncomingPassword=null
UPDATE EmailServerProfile SET OutgoingPassword=null
UPDATE Mailbox SET Password=null

Hope this helps!



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